The good dental insurance for individuals

Good dental insurance for individuals the high-end medical insurance products for dental care, in addition to being able to freely choose hospitals (including private hospitals, different hospitals and special needs), it can also support hospital network direct payment services.

In other words, if you purchase high-end medical insurance covering dental security,Good dental insurance for individuals you can choose any network hospital (generally including international hospitals, different hospitals, private hospitals, and individual hospitals of the top three hospitals) to receive various dental services without paying directly to the hospital. Any medical expenses.


Also, dental insurance provided by insurance companies has a waiting period. Only through the waiting period, the insurance company will pay for the cost of dental examinations, dental cleaning, conventional compound filling, non-surgical or straightforward tooth extraction by the dentist.

In general, the waiting period for simple dental treatment is six months, and the waiting period for complex dental treatment is nine months. However, the waiting period for orthodontic therapy for minors under the age of 18 is two years.