Teeth whitening | Dental insurance texas

Teeth whitening | Dental insurance taxes

  • Western diet and  you can see their facial structure is  Teeth whitening know you have nice wide dental arch and and straight teeth and .
  • you know prominent chin that’s not totally lower jaw that’s not totally recessed and then in one generation  after the modern .
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening
  • Diet the face is narrowed dental arch is narrowed the jaw is recessed and the teeth are crooked  and you know there’s.

Tons of gaps in space it’s really remarkable.

  • The fact that we’ve lost you know I think it kind of speaks to what kind of a species with amnesia it’s forgotten how to into.
  • How to develop a dental  arch is such a fundamental part of our physiology that how could we have forgotten you know.
  • this is such important information yeah and it’s it’s really something what’s interesting to  me is that still to this .

I mean even as you say we understand that vitamin k is activator .

  • X we understand the role of fat soluble vitamins and growth.
  • And development of the jaw and other  skeletal structures it’s still not even not on the radar for most people like I was just.
  • At a my i we have a six-year-old daughter and she was in a musical theater performance this weekend and
  • I went to the  performance and now I’m watching the performance but me being me I’m also just watching other other.
  • Stuff and I happen to notice like I would say at least % of the kids just had totally crooked teeth narrow faces .
  • You know  recessed lower jaw there was it was such clear evidence of of
  • malocclusion and impaired development you know of the facial facial structure