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how to get humana dental without any extra charge

humana dental into myths that’s what this is going to be about so there’s no with out further ado let’s make sure that my slides will work here humana dental we go again I’m En Butler and this is sherry jolly right so let’s go through a few housekeeping rules one use the chat so we’ve got a couple attendees .

humana dental
humana dental

I’ve seen some people using them I want to make sure that I can see all the attendees know I keep clicking on my screen go back there we go so just make sure you keep using your chat post questions that text names use headphones sherry and.

I are pretty bold and brash and brazen and we are adults so sometimes there might be some words that might slip out that you might not want young children to hear or if you’re in a public sleep place like Starbucks so consider your environment consider your surroundings and make sure to use headphones if you .

think that that would be most appropriate and please stay with us this is our first time using zoom webinar and so far we’re loving it but if we do have some tech issues we have some incredible people supporting us through this webinar in

this live Facebook event that if we do have some type of shoes stay with us and we are absolutely going to try and clear those up right away don’t jump don’t jump off but if you do need to go we are going to send this out to anyone  registered for this and this is a second webinar in a series our first one we will be talking a little bit about and we’re going to have .

a next another one next month really talking about how to increase your collections how to get ninety eight to a hundred percent of the collections of the money that you are desert so look for that webinar next month and that’ll be our three.

webinars in the series okay perfect so let’s talk about the top we’ve got the top ten comments robust mistakes learners and miss and we’re going to talk about