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How to Get Dental Insurance in Georgia

teeth so the dentist had to drill through that bone and I could hear it was really disturbing by the way Dental Insurance  Georgia I was fully conscious for the whole thing so if you’re interested if you’re somebody who is going to be conscious.

Dental Insurance  Georgia
Dental Insurance  Georgia

This video will be really helpful to you because I didn’t find very many videos on YouTube of people who didn’t go under for the procedure so I’m glad I’m putting this out there I’m sorry I look like I just woke up I haven’t eaten anything in days and yeah.

I have like bruising – okay I’ll get to that of it okay so okayso the bottom were impacted bone impacted on the right side on the top I had another bone impacted wisdom tooth so it didn’t come out it was probably DD best one out of the view because these ones.

Were poking out a little bit but these ones this one was fully impacted fully and then luckily on this side I had one that was all the way out so that one was a piece of cake to her room so yeah I was really nervous before the procedure and I thought.

I was going to have something like they have devices out there you’re going to be awake that will make you not hear the drilling and the all that stuff but I didn’t realize that I should have asked for it ahead of time and I had to pay extra for it so .

I thought I was not going to be able to hear it but I I didn’t ask for the device enough time in advance cuz I basically just got in there and I was like am I going to hear this procedure and the dentist was like oh yeah and .

I was just like oh and to be honest it depends really person to person but hearing it is disturbing but it’s not the worst part at least for me um you know obviously you expect pressure.

when the T’s are getting yanked out but it’s really intense um you know when you’re awake and the shots okay so the shots weren’t